Summer has finished, the days are getting shorter, but the ground is still warm.  Here at Bilby Blooms we get most of our planting done late summer and early Autumn - this ensures they are established well be fore the frosts begin.  First frosts used to be around ANZAC Day, but these days, nothing is certain!


March is usually the time when Hakeas first blooms appear, though in 2023, everything is happening a month or two later than expected.

The Banksia season is only half way done, with the beginning of Banksia menziesii.  This has the strongly regimented pinky maroon followed by the orange working up from the base.  A bonus with this species are the after flowering cones, with their  multi coloured fertilised follicles. 

Mallees continue

Two accompany our wondrous Banksias there are a crazy selection of Mallee Eucalypts and Hakeas.  The Pin Cushion is a favourite, but the hybrids also show well…

All photos ©Bilby Blooms