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We try to keep a reasonably up to date plant list…
Here is the Collectors’ Faire 2024 list

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At Bilby Blooms, we believe that flowers and plants have the power to brighten up anyone's day. Whether you're looking for a beautiful flower bouquet to surprise a loved one or a potted plant to decorate your home or office, we have a wide selection to choose from. Our team of experienced florists and horticulturists are dedicated to bringing you the freshest and most beautiful flowers and plants year-round.

Since 2000 we have been selecting & breeding plants for our hot, dry summers and cool (freezing) winters

Australia has over 26,000 native plants - surely there is one that will tempt you!  Bilby Blooms has made the inland Hakeas, Eucalypts their specialty developing some super cultivars for cut flowers and gardens

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Fresh flowers petals and sheet of paper on pink surface


Prices based mostly on pot size

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Forestry Tube

$5 or $8

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70mm Tube


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90mm Tube