Small & Pretty

There are a large number of dainty flowering Australian plants that can be grown in the garden to give a delicate and often bright display.  This is not what first comes to mind when thinking of traditional native plants.

The Brachyscome daisy is an example, coming in pastel colours, purple through mauve, pink to white.  There are clumping forms or those that gently spread and appear with their pretty small daisy heads around the garden.

Scaevola or finger flowers are another small low growing plant to be used in rockeries, cottage gardens and even to cascade over a terraced edge.  Scaevola albida comes in a range of colours, white, pink and blue

Goodenia bipinnatafida is a lovely speading ground cover with pretty yellow flowers held 10cms or so in the air.  There are also a number of very pretty small guinea flower, Hibbertia, plants with large attractive yellow flowers.

The Blue Bell, often seen on the roadside verge is a great addition to the garden with its pretty blue flowers nodding in the breeze.  A beautiful double petal form is now available, Wahlenbergia stricta (double).

Banksia petiolaris is a prostrate Banksia from Western Australia.  It loves the drainage that a raised bed or rockery provides and the velvet textured flowers and upright raised leaves add interest to the garden.

Leptospermum ‘Pink Cascade’ is a stunning small cascading shrub as its name indicates. It flowers towards the end of spring adding appreciated colour into summer.

For a damp sheltered position, usually found on the south side of the house or maybe even under stairs there are many continuous flowering very pretty perennials to choose from.  Native violets with their purple and white flowers can be quite vigorous growers, when the right place is found.  The native violet also comes in a pale blue form that has slightly smaller leaves and not quite such a vigorous growing habit.  Lobelia quadrangularis and Isotoma fluvalatalis are another two species with very pretty small white to blue flowers all year round.  All of theses can also be grown on a pond margin.

Many of the plants mentioned will be available at the Australian Native Plants Society Spring Sale being held at the Australian National Botanic Gardens on Saturday the 21st of October.

© Anthony O'Halloran 2018