Open Day 

September 29, 9am - 4pm

Explore methods of creating water wise gardens
Each spring we open our gardens and experimental cut flower plot to the public.
A large variety of plants that we propagate in our nursery are grown in the gardens.  This gives you the opportunity to see many of the plants we have for sale in their adult form.  We encourage you to buy plants while they are still small, mostly selling them as tube stock, ensuring their roots are ready to spread as soon as they are planted.  This helps to establish the plants quickly in the ground.  Purchasing your plants while small has the down side of making it difficult to envisage the plants as adult, hence our garden tours.


Guided tours are run during the day.  Anecdotes about the plants growing in the gardens are recounted, along with many tips for creating and maintaining your garden.

Methods of planting out your purchases is also demonstrated, and information given regarding other things to consider when planting into different soil types and conditions.

A wide range of plants, suitable for many climatic conditions and soil types will be for sale.  If requested we can provide advice as to which plants will be most suitable for you.  Please check out about such things as your soil type, the garden aspect, visual effect you wish to create, water availability and quality, temperature range that the plants have to withstand, as this will help us to help you in your choice.

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