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Australian Plants Societies

There are so many resources on the web for Australian Native Plants.

The Australian Native Plant Society has groups based in most states, many of the sub branches have their own websites linked to their state sites - explore these websites!

Canberra/ACT - The ACT group has a wonderful Spring and Autumn Plant Sale, held at the Australian National Botanic Gardens.  There is usually over 13,000 plants for sale at each sale, many wonderful species suitable for both Canberras hot summers, and very cool winters.

New South Wales



South Australia

Western Australia


The umbrella group that links all the above groups is:

Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants

Annabelle and I learned most of what we know from dedicated individuals from these societies.  Bush walking with them opens a whole new world!

In addition there are Study Groups interested in particular Australian generas (eg Grevillea, Correa, Eremophila): Check them out.  The people involved in these groups vary from leading horticulturists to dedicated gardeners - all have a wealth of knowledge about their chosen favourite genera.

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney NSW Flora Online a fantastic online resource for finding out what the plant is in NSW.  It has online keys, distribution maps, line drawings, herbarium specimens and digital photos of most of the plants found in NSW.  It is a free ‘lite’ version of the outstanding four volume set of the Flora of NSW.

Burrendong Arboretum

- an outstanding regional botanic garden situated near the shores of Lake Burrendong, south of Wellington, central NSW.  Home to the wonderful Hakea Burrendong Beauty, these gardens have significant collections of Prostantheras (Mint Bushes), Hakeas, Eucalypts, and Rain Forrest plants.

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